note index // メモ書き一覧

Dec. 2, 2020: Snack2.2.10 UNOFFICIAL patch
an UNAUTHORIZED, INCOMPLETE, UNTESTED patch for snack2.2.10 which introduces "bottom frequency" and "log frequency plot" functionalities to Tk canvas section and spectrogram items.//
非公式、不完全、未テストのsnack2.2.10用パッチです。これにより、Tk canvasのsection(スペクトル表示)とspectrogram(スペクトログラム表示)アイテムに「表示の最低周波数」と「対数周波数表示」が付け加わります。
Mar. 30, 2016: Audio Video Edit Tips
Just miscellaneous tips on audio / video file edit (and on GIMP)
Mar. 28, 2013: cubic basis spline in Tcl
A minimum implementation of cubic basis spline in Tcl. A package and a test GUI. Need to study NURBS.
//Cubic basis splineの最小限のTcl実装です.パッケージとテストGUIです.NURBSはまだ勉強必要です.

Feb. 24, 2013: Quote-sensitive-split in Tcl
Experimental codes for quote-sensitive-split, where a chunk surrounded by double-quotes is recognized as a single word while splitting a string into words at whitespaces.

Feb. 12, 2011: AVI writer module in tcl/tk
tcl/tk script that generates an AVI file from a sequence of images.

July 26, 2010: Miku Colors Everywhere!
Describe the way to make a lot (a couple) of things in Miku Colors!

July 6, 2010: A Mathmatics Olympic Quiz - several solutions
Code snippets in several programming languages, all written for myself, that solve a quiz in Mathmatics Olympic.

Apr. 19, 2010: Emacs-lisp codes to display itcl class and method
Emacs-lisp code. You can see the incr tcl class and method/proc/constructor/destructor corresponding to the current point when editing an incr tcl script by typing C-c c.
//Emacs-lispコード.[incr tcl]スクリプトの編集中,C-c c とタイプすれば,ポイントの現在位置に対応する incr tcl クラスとメソッド(, proc, constructor, destructor) が表示される.

July 17, 2009: Pentomino Solver
Tcl/tk script that solves Pentomino Puzzle.

Apr. 18, 2009: Sudoku Solver
A Tcl/tk script, and its C implementation, to solve Sudoku puzzles.
//数独を解くTcl/tkスクリプト と,そのCによる実装.

Feb. 22, 2009: Tk canvas item outline issue
Some facts about the pixel occupancy ranges of canvas item, in particular the outline option.
// Tk canvasのoption,とくにoutlineの占める座標位置についての情報

Mar. 8, 2008: Tcl exec tips
Some knowhows about exec command in Tcl are summarized.
// Tclのexecコマンドを使うときのノウハウ.